Prices of the workshops:

All prices include all neccessary materials and during the whole day:  coffee and thea, sweet snacks and homemade bakery, lunch and a "see-you-again-drink" at the end (red and white wine, juices and different kinds of soda's).

    74,00  if you want to make "Uurke"

    102,00  if you want to make the  "Honeybear", "Sammy", "Beanie" bear or "Mouse"

  112,00  if you want to make the "Luilak" or "Strawberrie" bear

  127,00  if you want to make the "Rubybear", "Benjamin", "Cavebear" or "Beans" bear

 132,00  if you want to make the "Happybear"

  140,00  if you want to make the "Polarbear"

  189,00  if you want to make the tallest workshopbear "Goliath"

All materials are included.

Extra: wooden stopper for the stuffing ( 3,00) and a long needle for the eyes (  1,50).

Bearvoice: accordingly of how tall the bear is:   3,00,  3,50 or  4,50          

All teddybears also can be send to you as a package, including the partly sewed bear, the joints, all other materials and a working instruction.

Shipping costs are not included.


Prices of the bears, handmade by me:

(colour and fabric as of your own choise)

   92,00  for the bear "Uurke" or "Strawberrie" bear

  132,00  for the "Honeybear", "Sammy", "Beanie" bear or "Mouse"

  139,00  for the "Luilak" or bear

  160,00  for the "Rubybear", "Benjamin", "Cavebear" or "Beans" bear

  167,00  for the "Happybear"

  180,00  for the "Polarbear"

  220,00  for the "Goliath" bear

Prices are without bearvoices. See above for the prices.


Prices of the urnbears:               

  350,00   for the tallest type urnbear, suitable for a large ashtin 

  315,00   for the type urnbear, suitable for a smaller ashtin

  270,00   for all other models of teddybears,  specially made as an urnbear


Prices do not include shippingcosts, which are dependent of the country you live in. The exact costs will be available after consultation.


Thank you for your interest in my bears.
There'll be a waiting period for all new bear orders, since I have to prepare or make them to meet your choice.
If you e-mail me with details about the bear you are looking for, I will be able to give you a delivery time.



All pictures of these bears are to be found in the Photogalery.

If you want any more information, please contact me.


"The love of and for a teddybear can't be bought with all the gold in the world !"  Gloria