I'll start this autumn 2018 with a new series of workshops.


A large Dutch telecomservice called ZIGGO hired me to give a workshop in Teddybearmaking for 26 secretaries of their company. I'm so honoured and am eager to start at october the 24th at a location in Best.


Therefore my autumn workshops will be held later in november 2013.


A remarkable picture: to the left:  I, about 1,5 years of age .... to the right: Lisa the same age ..... isn't this remarkable???





On this "Urnbear"page I've created the possibility to light a candle, for yourself, a loved one of who ever you'd like.

I myself will light my own candles here now and then.

    Light a candle ....



I had a very nice challenge: to make four new "old" bears.

The week of 23 July 2007 was the Amsterdam International Fashion Week being held. I made four teddybears in different seizes and colours for a fashionshow of Ilja Visser, who is a Dutch designer. The show was at wednesday, the 25th of July in Amsterdam.


These are some pictures of the bears I made for this show.

 click on the picture for a larger reproduction                         




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"A teddybear in front of the window sees all ..... and tells nothing ....! Gloria